I have been talking to Apple today about changes they are proposing to implement over the next year which includes the withdrawal of the web.me.com service which I currently use for posting podcasts online.  This has already had the effect that some of my earlier podcasts are no longer available, although, of course, they did not notify me directly.

In the near future I shall investigate making my podcasts, both current and past (where they are still relevant) available here through the single portal Taxationpodcasts.com.  As a result they will probably change to an audio alone format as the accompanying slides will still be available through iTunes, whilst that facility continues and, of course, the full text of the podcast, with all of the examples, will be found here anyway.  I shall experiment with the older podcasts first and if successful I will then make them all available in this way.  In doing so I’ll update them where necessary.

This has now been done with the second podcastand the others will follow shortly.

Watch out for further announcements very soon.